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The art of improving you.

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At BrandName, a life coach functions as your dedicated, trained professional whose job it is to help you decide what your goals are, as well as help you develop an actionable plan to help surpass those goals. Because life comes with so many varying obstacles, our sessions are designed to help guide you through those obstacles, identify potential upcoming challenges, and overcome them. Our approach is on a very practical level, making it very easy for you to follow the recommended plan we agree upon. Life Coaching sessions are 1-hour in length and start at $99/session.

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Career/Interview Prep

The idea is simple: we uncover your hard/soft skills through targeted questions and assessment, then use your transferable skill set to maximize your new career prospects.


Need help with interviewing or updating your resume? No problem! This coaching includes one-on-one interview prep, resume updating, mock interview role-plays and honest feedback. Career/Interview Prep Coaching sessions are 1-hour in length and start at $115/session.

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Spiritual Coaching is essential for those who are searching for answers to life's biggest questions. At BrandName, we believe spiritual coaching can be uplifting, soul-searching and fulfilling. We believe in "challenging our challenges", asking probing questions and taking the journey together. Our approach is Christian-based, teaching biblical principles throughout while offering practical applications to everyday life. Spiritual Coaching sessions are 1-hour in length and start at $99/session.

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Executive Coaching is a powerful tool for those that want to grow their interpersonal skills, improve their "executive brand" and ultimately climb the corporate ladder. Our approach involves in-depth questions, intuitive and challenging scenarios and role-plays to maximize your growth opportunities. If you're someone who wants to grow, promote and achieve new heights in the corporate world, this coaching is for you. Executive Coaching sessions are 1-hour in length and start at $125/session.

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Business Coaching is ideal for owner/operators, entrepreneurs, first-time business owners or those business people that need help with growing, streamlining operations and achieving new revenue heights. Our approach is simple-we take an objective look at your current operation, evaluate your spending habits, recommend cost-saving strategies and recommend new business practices using lean methodology and continuous improvement principles. Business Coaching sessions are 1-hour in length and start at $125/session.

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Stress Management

In the every day hustle and bustle of our current culture, stress management is one of the top fields of interest today. Whether you're a single mom/dad, working multiple jobs, attempting to start a side-business, running a small business-stress management coaching is for you. We approach each session on a case by case basis, diving into and identifying the root of the issues, addressing them and ultimately overcoming them over time. Our approach is practical, doable and scalable regardless of your role. We encourage positive habits, change behavior recommendations and the like. Stress Management Coaching sessions are 1-hour in length and start at $99/session.

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One of the fastest-growing fields within coaching is Relational/Relationship Coaching. There are just so many factors one must consider when discussing personal and interpersonal relationships with others. We understand that it's not always easy to make long-lasting decisions that affect you for years to come. That's why we aim to first listen, engage and recommend practical steps based on what's best for you. We don't have a "cookie cutter" approach-those don't exist. We aim to listen intently and make only the most well-informed recommendations for you in your relational pursuits. Relational Coaching session are 1-hour in length and start at $99/session.

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